Vaccines Experience Exchange Meetings

From 2012 Kenya Paediatric Research Consortium in collaboration Ministry of Health (MoH), through Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), Network for Education and Support in Immunisation (NESI) has held experience exchange meetings.

The first meeting was held in November 2012 to discuss introduction of new vaccines whose main objective was to share information on new vaccines in the market, review issues of logistics around vaccine introduction and preparedness and foster linkages between vaccinology stake holders in the region.

The second experience exchange meeting was held in December 2014 and it focused on immunizations and current challenges in the African region and how best to deal with them, focus on advocacy engagement, and provide Paediatricians with tools to take back to their country to share with other professionals. The take home message was,that it is the role of the Paediatrician to make the value of the vaccine known by parents and caregivers. Uptake of vaccination has remained a challenge since not all children get to be immunized as required.

“Implementing human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine vaccination in Africa: opportunities for strengthening adolescent health” Experience Exchange meeting was held in March 2016.The meeting was attended by delegates from Eastern and Southern African countries, with the objectives of promoting successful and effective introduction of HPV vaccination in the African region; creating a multi-disciplinary resourceful team of experts to support and advocate for the introduction of HPV vaccines in the African region; and increasing synergy between academics, educators and Ministries of Health to revive and strengthen school-based health programmes as delivery platforms of adolescent immunisation services in the African region.