The Clinical Information Network (CIN) Research Project

The Clinical Information Network is a collaborative partnership aiming to improve quality of hospital data and its utilization. CIN initial focus is the paediatric care. The partnership includes The Ministry of Health, 14 County Hospitals, the Kenya Paediatric Research Consortium (the research arm of Kenya Paediatric Association) and the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme. The KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme has supported research in Kenya for over 25 years. At the centre of the project is the principle that policy makers, managers and care providers need ‘Quality Information for Quality Care’. The partners in the Clinical Information Network are therefore working to support improved collection of clinical information so that this is rapidly used to improve the quality of care.

This partnership involves working with health care providers at all levels from the interns, nurses, medical officers and paeditricians who make initial contact with patients. and the health records personnel, who generate the data that is used currently while providing guidance and support that helps health workers deliver the best care. CIN produce 3 monthly hospital audit reports that hospitals use to identify gaps in care and plan action. CIN seeks to: improve routine mortality and morbidity data, improve information available to hospitals for quality improvement efforts, promote development of health information systems that support quality care and improved health care planning, and explore the impact of better information on quality of care.

Ongoing CIN Activities:

  • Working with hospitals to identify particular areas for improving quality of care.
  • Working to deliver better information to the national Health Information System.
  • Working with the KEPRECON (Research arm of KPA), the hospitals and the Ministry of Health to promote the adoption of recommended best practices for sick children.
  • Working to develop a similar approach for sick newborns needing care in newborn units within hospitals.