Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Plus (ETAT+)

The ETAT+ trainings are aimed at disseminating the national paediatric clinical practice guidelines (CPGs). These CPGs cover the commonest causes of mortality in under five years in resource limited countries. The course equips health workers with knowledge and skills for triage, early recognition, rapid assessment and management of the sick children. This includes life support skills for newborns, infants and children.

KEPRECON in collaboration with KEMRI /Wellcome Trust Research Progamme and the MoH Division of Child Health. Ministry of Health, has supported courses in Emergency Triage Assessment and Treatment Plus (ETAT+) within the framework of government Provincial and District Hospital throughout the country.With its increasingly important role in supporting training, KEPRECON has became the administrative arm for the ETAT+ courses in Kenya and the entire East African Region. Through this concerted partnership approximately two thousand health workers providing initial care in a typical hospital setting were trained.

In recent times KEPRECON has worked with international partners (Uganda and Rwanda) to adopt the ETAT+ course and deliver quality training.