Our Vision

To promote Paediatric research, care training and mentorship for the better health of children in urban and rural communities.

About Us

The Kenya Paediatric Research Consortium (KEPRECON)

The Kenya Paediatric Research Consortium (Keprecon) is a Non-Governmental Organization set up to promote Paediatric Research, Care, Training, Mentorship and Advocacy for better health of children in urban and rural communities. Keprecon is an organization registered under section 10 of the Non-Government Organizations Co-ordination act; certificate No.OP.28/051/2010/079/6236. The subscribers to the organisation are paediatricians, health workers, other professionals and social scientists who have experience and interest in child health research and have projects fully or partially grant administered or homed in the Organisation.

Our Goals

To engage in high impact transformational research activities through

  • Supporting the conduct of Medical and Social Research for improving child health in Kenya at national and regional levels.
  • Supporting child health care providers in the development and management of research projects with high impact in line with the aspersions of the sustainable development goals and Kenya’s vision 2030.

To promote Holistic Health Care for children in Kenya through

  • National and regional mentorship programs supporting health workers in the field.
  • Development and dissemination of care protocols and job aids for the care of the sick newborn and child

Strengthen national and regional trainer and provider training activities by

  • Developing in-service curricula for Health Care providers in key areas of child health including; Paediatric HIV/AIDS, emergency maternal-newborn and childcare services.
  • Development of in-service curricula; Paediatric HIV/AIDS, emergency maternal-newborn and child care services.
  • Identification and/or development of centres of excellence in provision of important child health services across the country

Participate in child health advocacy

  • Participate in child health advocacy for community awareness, enhancing uptake of available services and educating the public against proponents of proven interventions

Creating and maintaining linkages

  • Create and maintain linkages with, government departments, international organizations, academic/research institutions and other important stakeholders for the enhancement of child health research, training and research.

To provide grant management facilities for

  • Other organizations working in the area of child health and are in need of the same.
  • Members of the Kenya Paediatric Association with independently secured projects who need a home for the same
  • Any child health worker with a project in line with our mission in Kenya with a funded project seeking management